Restore Fuel Injectors

Restore Fuel Injectors

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Please choose the quantity of injectors that you'd like to have restored.  For 4 cylinder, choose a quantity of 4, 6 cylinder quantity of 6 etc.  Here's how it works...


Our minimum quantity order is 4 injectors.  Contact us if you'd like to order less.


1. You package your injectors and ship them to us using flat rate postal service. (don't worry, if we can't save them we will refund your shipping cost)


2. We recieve your injectors and restore them. 


3. We send you a custom flow chart showing how much your injectors have improved.


4. We ship them back to you free of charge.


It's just that simple!  After you purchase this package please ensure you place your name and email on a post it inside the package with your injectors.


You're ready to unleash the true potential of your engine!


Please ship your injectors to - 1195 Gainsborough Rd Unit 2, London Ontario, N6H5L5 Canada


    Restore Fuel Injectors


    If we receive your injectors and we can't fix them, we will refund your money and pay your shipping cost.  We guarantee that all of our retored injectors will work amazing in your car and if they don't we will refund your money no questions asked.


    You pay to ship them to us, we pay to ship them back. It's just that simple... Use postal service and make sure to include your name and email on a post it inside the package so we know who's injectors we're restoring.